Midi usb keyboard

A Midi usb keyboard ┬áis a keyboard that can be used to create and play music using a computer. It is a type of input device that allows you to control the sound of your computer by playing notes and chords on the keyboard. Midi usb keyboards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, […]

Mercedes presents AMG models of the EQE

  In September, Mercedes presented the electric EQE, a hefty limousine of almost five meters and an electric motor with a power of almost 300 hp and a range of up to 660 kilometers. Today, the German automaker announced the arrival of two AMG versions of the EQE; the Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC and the […]

Research proves: Emoji convey human emotions well

  That smiley with a straight mouth and showing his teeth: is he smiling broadly, or does he feel awkward or surprised? This smiley is often used in different ways, so that scientists are not sure where to position it. There has been scientific research into how emoji affect our feelings and an interesting diagram […]