You would think that Spotify would take it easy with podcasts after the whole Joe Rogan-gate last month, but nothing could be further from the truth. It just bought two major podcast platforms: Chartable and Podsights. These are one of the largest podcast marketing and advertising companies.

Spotify buys Podsights and Chartable
For how much euros the Scandinavian Spotify bought the platforms is unknown, but it does say something about the direction Spotify is going. We thought for a while that Spotify was good in podcasts and that it was mainly for audiobooks, but apparently it is not yet finished with its expansions in the field of podcasts. And on the other hand: the whole hassle surrounding Joe Rogan’s podcast has put Spotify even more in the spotlight as a podcast provider. So somehow it can be imagined that Spotify just wants to get on with it.

Podsights and Chartable allow podcast creators to tag their show to see who is listening to the podcast and who also took action on those ads after an ad. With this, Spotify not only wants to add advertisements to podcasts, but also within music. Plus, podcasts aren’t necessarily always hurtful or an opportunity to spread misinformation: these are reasons podcasts are so much fun.

You can take them anywhere
Since you can listen to podcasts on your phone, you can take them with you wherever you go. You could even listen loudly on your phone without earplugs, and while doing the laundry, throw your phone into the laundry basket and continue listening as you walk to the washing machine. Just don’t forget to grab your phone from the laundry basket in time. In addition, you can listen to podcasts at home over your speakers, but also in the train with earplugs. The portable makes podcasts very easy to use.

It adapts to you
Where a radio program continues when you turn off your radio, a podcast is just like Netflix: it remembers what you listened to and where you left off, so you can pick up exactly where you should be listening next. And if you haven’t been paying attention for a while and want to hear it again, you can easily rewind. In addition, Spotify’s algorithm specifically recommends new podcasts if you listen to one a lot, giving you a very personal podcast experience.

Podcasts give you ideas
Whether you make plans to live more minimalistically with the Minimalist Podcast or come up with interesting ideas through the University of the Netherlands: podcasts often manage to inspire you. For example, they give you ideas to make your relationship even more fun, they provide insight into problems that your friends are facing and they can be very instructive.

You get to know new people
You may not always get to know them very personally, but you can gain insight into other people’s thinking through podcasts. Joe Rogan may have done things that are unacceptable, but at the same time he is the man who always has interesting guests at the table. Because of those interesting guests you can get to know new people, for example to follow on social media.

There are even more reasons to love podcasts: for example, you can make them yourself to express yourself or help others, but podcasts are also extremely accessible. Many podcasts can be found online for free, so you can actually follow all podcasts. Give it a try, have fun!

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