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Care sheets

Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons offer a range of Information sheets and Newsletters for professional veterinarians, covering such topics as diseases and healthcare. Please choose a category from the active links below (others to follow):
Successful bird microchipping by Deborah Monks BVSc (Hons) MACVSc (Avian Health) MRCVS

Birds of prey




Excessive egg laying

Feather plucking


Avian newsletters

Avian Clinical Pathology *

Avian Profile *



* Extensive reference by Neil Forbes



Snake husbandry


Terrapin care

Other, more general, care sheets are listed on the public area of our site.
Comprehensive Wildlife Care Facility Cage and Aviary Inspection Report (239k)  - Blank site and bird/animal status reports to print out and use, provided in Acrobat format. To download, rather than open, right-click the link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." depending on your browser.
Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader Some pages are in Adobe Acrobat v3 format and require the free Reader in order to view them. Visit the Adobe site and download it by clicking here.

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