Avian Wildlife Final Casualty Veterinary Examination Certificate 

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Veterinary Surgeons Name & Qualifications:



Bird keepers name:

Keepers Address:


Species Sex Age:

Identichip number (cable tie identification is not acceptable):

Date into care: / /

History (including where found, the circumstances, finder and all intermediate carers):




/ /  

Further to my 
Avian Wildlife Initial Casualty Veterinary Examination Certificate

I have:

    Re-examined the above bird   Yes / No *
    Re-x-rayed the above bird      Yes / No *

I now believe that this bird is now fit for rehabilitation to the wild     Yes / No *

/ /  

I believe the bird should be made ready for release: *
        immediately / asap / next spring / other (please state a date)

I recommend the following method of release:

     * Traditional falconry training to assess ability to hunt prior to release
     * Hack aviary
     * Hack box

To be released in the * 
         morning / at dusk / at a time of normal climatic conditions.

I recommend the following special precautions:



/ /  

* I believe this bird should be reassessed by myself to evaluate further progress on


* I now believe that this bird will never be fit for release to the wild my advice is that the bird should be:

        * Euthanased
        * Used for captive breeding
        * Used for educational purposes
        * Other use please specify


Signature and date (in a colour other than black)
* Delete as applicable

Copies for Veterinary Surgeon / Keeper / DEFRA

The cost of certification is a private matter between the keeper and the veterinary surgeon