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Welcome to Lansdown Referral Services

Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons is a long established Stroud practice founded in 1950. The practice is centred around the Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital in Stroud.

We are committed to the concept of improved standards of veterinary care for all species, which we believe is often best achieved by the use of referral services. The requirements and expectations of veterinary clients has increased greatly in recent years, sadly so too has their awareness of litigation in particular where standards or results have not met their expectations.

As a first and second opinion centre, we will decline to treat first opinion cases for clients who have initially been introduced to us by colleagues for second opinion consultations.

If you wish to make a second opinion appointment, or simply wish to discuss a case, please phone or e-mail the respective department. Please click here for more information.

Referral fees: small animal referral fees are required from your client at the time of consultation. Please phone if you require estimates of cost prior to referral.


Avian and Exotic Animal Referrals

Avian and Exotic Animal medicine, surgery and husbandry have in recent years changed from being a haphazard “art” to a far more detailed and precise science.

Avian and exotic referrals are handled by Neil Forbes supported by Petra Zsivanovits, Markus Froembling and Deborah Monks.

Avian and exotic companions, as well as those from zoological collections, may not only be rare and of genetic value but of considerable financial value. Furthermore, breeders, aviculturalist and herpetologists have never been better informed and educated than at present.

The RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct states that all members should give first aid care to any species, including exotics. However it also states that they have a duty to refer such cases if they do not feel confident in dealing with them.

Neil Forbes joined the practice in 1984. Neil was a contributor to the BSAVA Exotic Manual, as well as being the Scientific Editor and a major contributor to both the Psittacine and the Raptor, Pigeon and Waterfowl manuals. Neil’s latest publication is Self Assessment in Avian Medicine & Surgery. Neil lectures regularly to professional and lay audiences across the world. Neil gained his RCVS Specialist (Consultant) status in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine (Avian) in 1992, his Fellowship by examination in Exotic Bird Medicine in 1996 and became a diplomate of the European College of Avian Medicine & Surgery in 1997. Neil is currently registered for his DVetMed at the RVC on Caryospora in falcons.

Dr Petra Zsivanovits is our ECAMS resident in Avian Medicine and Surgery, having qualified from Hanover in 1998 and achieved her doctorate in December 2001.

Markus Froembling graduated from Munich University in September 1997 and completed a doctorate thesis in pet bird nutrition at the University of Hanover in 2000.

Deborah Monks graduated from Queensland University, and passed her Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Medicine (Avian Health) in 1999. She is a member of the Association of Avian Vets and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

The practice benefits from a fully equipped laboratory. The aim is to carry out all tests whilst the client is waiting at the Hospital, so that full results, prognosis and therapy can be made available prior to the client leaving us. The practice is fully equipped with the latest equipment. Isoflorane is used on all anaesthetised cases, ECG and respiratory monitors, laser therapy, video-endoscopy and surgical sexing, radiosurgery, operating microscope and microsurgery, cryosurgery, nebulisation, environment controlled accommodation is available for most avian and exotic species.


Training opportunities

As a referral centre, we believe that our remit is not only to provide a genuinely 24-hour, 365 day clinical service, but also to educate and train our referring vets as much as possible. To this end we are happy for clinicians to accompany referred cases. There is a wide range of education and reference material on this website. Neil Forbes is also actively involved in CPD provision both through the BSAVA, University of Bristol (Langford), other CPD providers and directly through the practice.

Training within a practice, or to a group of practices within one host practice is becoming increasingly popular. If we can assist in providing such training please contact us.


Avian and Exotic Animal Advice Service

We continue to offer our popular advice service covering the whole range of avian and exotic animal species. For a one-off fee of £10, or an annual fee of £50 (per practice), we will provide advice on any relevant topic. Any practice referring three of more cases in one year are exempt from the advice fee in the following year. You can register for this service here.


Consultancy Services

In these times of increasing specialisation we appreciate that on occasions practices may require the services of a specialist on a periodic basis rather than risking loosing their client altogether. This is particularly relevant in relation to the provision of veterinary services and advice on Zoo Licensing Act to Zoos. If we can assist in providing such services please do not hesitate to contact us.


Branch Referral Centres

Additional regular referral clinics are also held at:

Bristol Vet School, Langford.
Clinics are initially being held on a fortnightly basis, although a full 24-hour back up and hospitalisation service will be maintained in Stroud. This is a new and exciting service. It not only allows our continued aim to assist in the education of colleagues but also allows us to apply the full range of specialist services and colleagues at Langford to some of our more challenging cases. It is anticipated that day, practical and modular training courses will be made available through Langford. Colleagues interested in such opportunities should contact us in Stroud.

Regent Vet Group, Coventry
Avian and exotic animal clinics will initially be held on a fortnightly basis although a full 24-hour back up and hospitalisation service will be maintained in Stroud. The clinic is being run as a response to a significant need in this area and is based with Carole Nicholson at Regent Vet Group in their new Hospital facilities, in view of her own interest and growing ability in this field.

Appointments for branch clinics should be made via Stroud.


Ophthalmic referrals and Eye screening

Paul J Evans of Eye Veterinary Clinic, Moreton Eye, Leominster (tel: 01568 616616), qualified in 1968 and set up his dedicated referral practice in 1991. His practice is extensively equipped for both clinical diagnosis and surgery. Paul has developed special expertise in cataract and laser surgery. Electro-retinography (ERG), and Ultrasound scanning are used when necessary as part of a pre-cataract surgical case assessment.

Paul visits the hospital on a regular basis to carry out routine clinical ophthalmology referral case work. He is also available for eye examination under the BVA/KC Eye Scheme.


Complementary therapies

The practice strongly promotes the complementary therapies of Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and McTimoney Manipulation where appropriate.

Osteopathy is provided by Tony Nevin. Tony has applied his osteopathic skills to injured wildlife to help aid and speed the recovery and subsequent release of injured British species and helped to set up the Gloucestershire Rescue Centre. He has unique experience of applying osteopathy to mammalian, avian and reptilian patients and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

A Member of the British Acupuncture Council, Janet Lloyd-Jones has more than fifteen years experience in providing Acupuncture to animal patients. She is currently undertaking a research programme into the effectiveness of a particular regime for the treatment of paralysis using Laser Acupuncture. Jan is also a member of the British Medical Laser Association and an associate member of the European Laser Association.

Diane Bradshaw practices McTimoney manipulation. She gained her BSc in Animal Sciences at Wye College, University of London.

Trevor Adams undertook the veterinary training in homeopathy and in 1992, after examination, obtained Veterinary Membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy. He also trained in veterinary acupuncture and achieved the International Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture in 1999. 


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