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Avian and Exotic Animal facilities at Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons

Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons is a long established Stroud practice, founded in 1950. The practice comprises nine veterinary surgeons, who are assisted by a total of more than thirty eight support staff. The practice is centred at the Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital in Stroud. As a Veterinary Hospital, we are inspected regularly by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, who ensure that we are of sufficient standard to use this title.

Seven of the vets concentrate solely on cats, dogs, birds, exotic animals and other domestic pets, of whom three spend a significant percentage of their time working with birds and exotic animals. All our nurses are selected and trained with avian and exotic animal work in mind. We are proud to say that our nurses are well versed in the particular requirements of our bird, reptile and small mammal patients.

Our aim is to be able to offer the very best standard of care to all our clients, with a policy of continual retraining of all our vets and support staff, as well as continued modernisation of our equipment.


Emergency service

We provide a full 24-hour service every day of the year. All emergency calls are taken at the Veterinary Hospital, where there are two vets and one nurse on call at all times. All in patients receive 24-hour nursing, as would be expected at any quality hospital.


Special facilities

  • The only practice in the UK with a RCVS recognised Avian Specialist
  • A dedicated Avian and Exotic Animal department
  • Trained and qualified nursing staff 24 hours a day
  • Fully equipped operating theatre, with special Avian and Exotic Animal equipment, available for use at short notice 24 hours a day
  • On-site laboratory to enable rapid, accurate diagnosis of internal illnesses on the same day
  • Quality X-ray and Ultrasound diagnostic facilities
  • ECG, rigid, flexible and video endoscopy
  • The latest and safest anaesthetic administered by modern, regularly serviced equipment, supported by respiratory and pulse oximetry
  • Avian ward, intensive care and isolation facilities
  • Computerised patient records
  • Micro-air orthopaedic drill for fine bone work
  • Microsurgical facilities for delicate micro-surgery
  • Radio surgery to limit haemorrhage and tissue damage during surgery on small species
  • Haemoclips for the control of delicate internal blood vessels
  • Microchip identification of any species
  • Caring, friendly and professional support staff
  • Ample car parking at all times
  • On-going post graduate training and specialisation of all veterinary and nursing staff
  • Behavioural and aviary consultations




Available seven days a week, we have a policy that all patients requiring urgent attention will always be seen the same day. We run an appointment system to reduce the waiting time to a minimum.


Our expertise

We believe that, with the advantage of Neil Forbes, one of the only two RCVS Recognised Specialists in Exotic animal Medicine (Avian) in the UK, working full time in the practice, supported by Petra Zsivanovits, Markus Froembling and Deborah Monks, we have the most proficient and experienced team of avian/exotic animal vets anywhere in the country.

We will always aim to offer you the best possible care for your animals, whilst at the same time endeavouring to keep you well informed as to the case prognosis and cost.


Branch surgeries

For your convenince we also now run regular clinics at Bristol University, Langford (near Weston super Mare) and at the Regent Veterinary Group, Coventry.



Avian and exotic animal medicine is one of the fastest advancing fields in veterinary medicine. Neil Forbes is actively involved with lecturing, teaching and examining at graduate and post graduate levels internationally.

Neil has also edited and contributed to a number of international avian textbooks. We believe that it is only by the maintenance of such links that one can keep abreast of all the latest developments in this young science. 

Petra Zsivanovits is currently working towards post graduate specialist qualifications.



Our reception staff are trained and the reception area designed to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Please consider the feelings and safety of your bird and other animals and keep your birds under control.


Advice to keepers

If you are a client, or are prepared to become a client, which would involve you bringing your bird to us for examination, then we will be happy to give you advice over the telephone. We regret that we cannot give advice to keepers who are not our clients or who are under treatment with any other vet.


Home visits

Although some clients are concerned about handling or transporting their animals, we will rarely be prepared to attend birds or exotic animals as house visits.

The main reason is that examinations typically involve the collection of samples, which is often not possible away from our hospital, where we have experienced staff and the necessary equipment. The collection of diagnostic samples is often most easily carried out with the minimum of stress whilst the bird is anaesthetised, which cannot be carried out safely away from our hospital.

Aviary visits are the exception. Commercial and private aviculturalists can benefit from developing an aviary management programme. This involves regular visits when the productivity and health of the aviary is evaluated. Following a visit, a report is generated which states any changes or improvements to be made. A record system is implemented so that an objective assessment of the aviary can be made on a regular basis.


Prices and fees

Running a high quality veterinary service is expensive and we receive no grants or subsidies. We are obliged to charge VAT on all services. To continue to offer a high standard of medical and surgical care for your pet, we have to update our equipment and knowledge. Treating avian and exotic species in particular requires a definitive diagnosis to be made without delay and typically prior to the commencement of therapy. Extensive testing to confirm a diagnosis, although excellent for the correct treatment of the patient, will often prove expensive. For this reason we recommend Pet Insurance, as unexpected accidents or illnesses can be expensive. Details of policies are available at our reception.

If you are worried about the cost of treatment, please ask before your animal is examined. Payment is due at the time of each visit to the Hospital or Clinic, or on collection of your pet after an operation. We accept cash, cheques backed with an appropriate card, Visa, Delta Direct, Access and Switch.


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